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Sweet Muse celebrates the creative, playful spirit in all of us with handmade treats to indulge the senses and inspire. A choice of twelve tempting flavors, beautifully packaged for gift giving or sped quickly to your door to stimulate your own creative juices. Treat yourself, your friends, or your family. Have fun. Be inspired!

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"OMG!!! You're so generous! These are fantastic!!! And this is a size 18 speaking so I know about sweets :)
Thank you so much."
BW - New York, New York






The Sweet Muse Story

Sweet Muse baked goods are created with the belief that treats should be of the highest quality, delicious, fun, and perhaps even inspirational! We bake from scratch using only premium ingredients, carefully package everything by hand, and include some quotes that might further inspire the experience of enjoying premium, hand-crafted treats.

To me, baking has always been a creative and relaxing activity. I love trying new recipes, tweaking old ones, and the search for the ultimate scrumptious experience. As a kid, after school play for me often meant being let loose in the kitchen to create dessert for the family. Later, spending a weekend afternoon baking would wash away the tensions of a hectic New York City week.

Sweet Muse brownies began several years ago when I started baking as part of my warm-up before heading to the theatre to act. It proved to be the perfect activity to help me arrive at the theatre centered, open, and ready to perform. Brownies were one of my favorite things to bake during this time, and I started taking the extras to the theater where they quickly became a hit. Soon I was filling orders for folks who wanted to share these treats with others outside the theater.

Now, Sweet Muse ships brownies and our signature cookie charms to locations throughout the US. You'll also find us at various food shows and markets, and perhaps your local coffee shop or specialty store. And harking back to our beginnings, we continue to supply some New York City theaters with their concession stand treats.

We enjoy sharing our brownies and other baked goods and will continue to work to create inspirational indulgences that will delight those who receive them.

Laura Siner
Chief Muse






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